Generosity Day

Valentine’s Day… a lot of people have issues with this day. Some say that first and foremost, it’s not supposed to be celebrated because the saint it was named after was beheaded on this day. Second, it’s one of those Hallmark holidays that just dents and empties your wallets and pockets. Third, it discriminates the […]

Thank You for Your Incredible Support!

It has been an exciting year at Acumen and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. This year, hundreds of you have donated online, thousands of you have joined our community, and together we have impacted 115 million lives. This holiday season, we hope you will continue your generous support by making a donation to […]

RIYADH+acumen F.A.Q.

1.    What is a +acumen chapter? A: An entirely volunteer-run initiative with the intention to create awareness about social entrepreneurship as a viable model to tackle poverty, to fundraise for Acumen Fund and to serve our local communities with aim to have an impact on those less fortunate in our communities. 2.   What is […]

Acumen Fund F.A.Q.

1.   What is Acumen Fund? A:  A non-profit investment fund that focuses on investing along side social entrepreneurs with an aim to create sustainable businesses that serve the essential needs of the least fortunate. 2.   What is the mission of Acumen Fund? A: To create a world beyond poverty by investing in social enterprises, […]

Leadership Essentials Lab 3 & 4 Aha Moments

Before I took the Acumen Leadership Essentials course I thought I had some solid leadership attributes: I understood my principles, got things done on time and minded my own business. Boy was I wrong! The six-week course made me realize there is so much more to leadership than first met my eyes. – Rosemary Amuge, PR & […]

Leadership Essentials Lab 4: Empathy – Everyday Barriers

For our 4th week, we had to put ourselves in the shoes of our end user to experience the world from the perspective of the community we’re serving. In this case, it was low-income citizens. The tension I chose was public transportation.  So without thinking twice, I hopped on the Dallah Bus deciding to use […]


Good day, dear Acumen readers! I hope you are doing fine on this lovely day. It has been a while since my last post, but I am back with another one! Today, I will be writing about an initiative called Herfah (Herfat Alwatan), which loosely translates to the country’s artisanal crafts.

Hunger Games

Poverty is one of the most pressing matters in the world today. There are those who live lavishly without extending a helping hand to charitable organizations and then there are those who are dying of hunger every single day.

Food for Thought

Here you’ll read an ensemble of inspirational quotes by global Acumeners and quotes in line with Acumen Fund’s principles. Food for thought served with a hint of sizzling philanthropy.

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